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"Why could we not cast it out?" So He said to them, "This can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting."

-Mark 9:28

Our Goal

Our purpose is to pray and fast for key needs in our church, our fellowship, our nation and in individual people’s lives. We believe, like the scripture Mark 9:28 tells us, that there are prayers that can only be answered through prayer and fasting.

Our goal is to stir people to pray and fast that God would meet their needs and see our prayers answered. Prayers for healing, salvation for those not saved, for miracle finances, for our city and the nations, including our own.

Committing to Prayer and Fasting

Choosing to be apart of the Prayer and Fasting Group is a commitment to fast every Wednesday out of the week. The purpose is to intercede in prayer for the needs of others and our own. Those who choose to join understand the power of prayer and fasting. Knowing this, The Door McAllen Prayer & Fasting Group will faithfully commit to dedicating at least one day out of the week to contend for God to answer specific needs — even when we won’t feel like it. 

Optionally, you may also choose to fast for three days starting on the first Monday of the month with us.

God Bless,
Ezekiel and Daniel

For Counseling Contact: 
Pastor Victor Lopez
(956) 662- 9979

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